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Located amid thousands of acres of thick forest and streams, the University of Cincinnati Center for Field Studies (UCCFS) and its 17.6 acre parcel of land is one of the university’s most advanced teaching and research facilities. The renovated farm roughly 20 miles northwest of our Uptown Campus blends high-level science with deep-woods know-how through a timeless connection to the great outdoors.

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Interdisciplinary research and education

The UCCFS provides a base of operations for on-site and regional field research, a protected area for long-term environmental research, and a training center for interdisciplinary research and education activities, including:

• Individual and collaborative research on animal and plant populations as well as environmental processes (ecological, atmospheric and hydrological).
• Long-term monitoring / experimental studies of populations and environmental processes.
• Studies involving geological, geographic and archaeological fieldwork.

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Faculty associated with UCCFS are committed to broadly disseminating research results and to science education in the broader sense. Not only do we publish articles in professional journals, present papers at meetings and write scientific books, but we also volunteer as guest lecturers at K-12 school programs and nature organizations.


We have great facilities now. But we have the opportunity to grow even more, taking advantage of the historical location and facilities. Would you like to help us?

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Thank you!

We are grateful for the support of our generous sponsors and donors. Our work would not be possible without them.


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College Courses

Many University of Cincinnati classes are held inside in the classroom and labs, and outside in the fields and streams.


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Education for the Community

A tremendous variety of educational programs are possible at UCCFS because of its unique setting and the collaboration of the partners.


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Our Objectives

Conduct research on natural ecosystems in a changing landscape

Provide field-oriented educational activities in the form of formal academic classes, informal workshops and training programs

Inform the management of natural lands for UCCFS, Hamilton County and the region

Communicate science to the public and engage non-scientists in scientific study through the involvement of UCCFS scientists sharing expertise and research results

Facilitate interaction between a variety of disciplines related to the environment

Serve as a regional center for scientific exchange and informed discussion of environmental issues.