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Use UC Policies, Procedures and Manuals as a one-stop source for university-wide administrative policies, procedures and manuals. View the policies, procedures and manuals of Administrative Memoranda, Branding Standards, Emergency Closing Procedure, Environmental Health & Safety Advisories, Financial Policies, Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual, Information Technology Policy, Operating Cash Policy, Public Records Policy, Purchasing Card (P-card) Manual, Purchasing Manual, Right to Know, Smoking Policy, Student Code of Conduct, University Rule, Use of Facilities Policy Manual, and Web Standards & Policies.

Contract Signature Authority

Under University Rule 3361:10-1-06(A), "no contract, agreement, promise, bank account, or other undertaking in the name of the University of Cincinnati or purporting to be made for, or on behalf of any college, school, department, division or other part of the University of Cincinnati, shall be made by any of its officers, agents, or employees or by any student, faculty, alumni organization, enterprise, or association, unless the same shall have been first authorized by the Board of Trustees of the university or in pursuance of authority conferred by university rules."

Work Related Injury Report

Download revised A1352(a) for work related injuries and illnesses provided by Environmental Health & Safety EH&S

Emergency Closing Policy

The University of Cincinnati is always officially open. During periods of severe inclement weather, public emergency, or other crisis, the president or a designated cabinet officer may announce, through the University of Cincinnati electronic mail system and through the local news media, that some or all of the university's offices and facilities are closed for part or all of a workday. See rule 3361:10-55-01 of the Administrative Code regarding the announcement of emergency closures at the university of Cincinnati.

Emergency Procedures

The University of Cincinnati, like any other community, is vulnerable to wide range of natural and man-made hazards. Find the emergency procedures if you observe an armed individual, fire, smoke, or injured person on campus. Contact UCPD immediately by dialing 911.

Damaged Property

The Office of Risk Management provides the information to reduce the financial impact of adverse events and minimize liability exposure through property and casualty risk financing, claims management and loss control. The Director and Associate Director are university attorneys, providing legal consultation regarding those issues.

Access to Faculty Personal Files

Administrative Memorandum No. 118. The principles stated in the Guidelines are not rigid rules. Instead they are, as entitled, guidelines to be followed whenever possible. The goal of these guidelines is to create uniformity among colleges and departments in the maintenance of faculty personnel files and in responding to requests for access to the files from persons designed to supplement-- not replace-- the legal rules that applicable to personnel and other records maintained by state institutions. This includs the Public Records Law, ORC 149.43, and the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). Questions concerning the legal rules applicable to personnel and other records should be referred to the office of General Counsel.

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