The Social Network, Spring 2016

Sociology Updates, Spring 2016

The Department of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati had a jam-packed spring semester, filled with distinguished speakers, conference presentations, and student successes.

Highlights of our semester include visits from Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (Duke), Dr. Lisa Leitz (Chapman), and Dr. Dorothy Roberts (University of Pennsylvania Law).  All sessions were well attended, with an average audience size of eighty participants. 


Dr. Bates Teach-In

Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and Bearcat Graduate Students

  • The Cincinnati Project 2nd Annual Symposium, with keynote speaker Eduardo Bonilla-Silva. ’We Don’t Have Racism Here! ’Racism in Historically White Colleges and Universities
  • Jergens Lecture featuring Lisa Leitz. Dr. Leitz discussed, Military Veterans and Families Use of War Memorials as Anti-War Protest

Dr. Sarah Mayorga Gallo

Dr. Sarah Mayorga-Gallo

Papers, Conferences, and Other Presentations

Have you seen our UC Sociologists this spring? They've been all over presenting and publishing!  A sampling of talks include:

  • Bessett, Danielle with UC undergraduates Natalie Heywood, Alyssa Kumler, and Erin Sweeney. The Cincinnati Project Symposium, February, 2016. “Learning Locally: Student research with Cincinnati reproductive health organizations”

    This talk reflected on faulty and student experiences of working with Cincinnati reproductive health organizations and showcased student work from the Sociology first- year seminar, Pregnancy, Birth, & Health.

  • Bessett, Danielle. February, 2016. Invited talk, Clason Lecture at Western New England University Law School: "Sociology and the Law: Collaborating to Improve Abortion Access." 
  • Bessett, Danielle, and Aalap Bommaraju at the Psychosocial Workshop in Washington DC, March 2016. "Situating stigma as a racialized challenge to women’s sexual and reproductive health: comparing miscarriage and abortion."
  • Carlton-Ford, Steve. 2016. "Constituents and Correlates of Peace." Presentation at joint meetings of the North Central Sociological Association and the Midwest Sociological Society. Chicago, IL. March 24.

  • Hart, Olga, Danielle Bessett, and Regan Johnson. University of Cincinnati Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning annual showcase, Jan 2016: “Beyond a College Paper: Teaching Best Practices in Visual Communication.” 
  • Linders, Annulla, 2016. "Contested Deaths." North Central Sociological Association, Chicago, March 23-26.
  • Malat, Jennifer. "A Lifetime of Obstacles, Opportunities, and Change: Population Health and Its Researchers." University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Cincinnati, OH. April 21, 2016.
  • Maume, David J., Orlaith Heymann, and Leah Ruppanner. "Accounting for the gender gap in management in Europe." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, GA., April 2016.
  • Timberlake, Jeff, and Elaina Johns-Wolfe, published "Neighborhood Ethnoracial Composition and Gentrification  in Chicago and New York," 1980 to 2010 and also blogged about it here.

Dr. Dorothy Roberts

Dr. Dorothy Roberts


Save the date(s) for the 2016 Fall Colloquium series! 

Please join us during the fall semester as we hear from:

  • September 16: Jeff Timberlake, University of Cincinnati. Website.
  • September 30: Megan Kavanaugh, Guttmacher Institute. Website.
  • October 21: 2016 Taft Departmental Lecture: Matthew Hughey, University of Connecticut. Website.
  • November 18: Amy Schlag, University of Cincinnati LGBTQ Center. Website.

Will you be in Seattle for the ASA Conference this August?

If so, join us! We will be having a Bearcat Sociology Alumni reunion at The Garage, 1130 Broadway, Seattle, WA on Sunday, August 21 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  Hope to see you there!


Student Updates, Spring 2016

Our Masters and Doctoral students never cease doing amazing things. This spring alone, seventeen students presented papers at conferences throughout the United States. In addition, eleven have authored or co-authored papers.

We wish hearty congratulations to our newest degree recipients! Our MA recipients are: Rocio BuenoYue Peng, and Danielle Rains. The Doctor of Sociology degree was awarded to: Ciera Graham, Jaqueline Elcik; Travis Speice; and Megan Underhill.  Nineteen undergraduates received their Bachelor's in Sociology this year, including two students with honors and four with high honors.

Sociology Grad Students

Awards (grants, fellowships, recognitions)

  • Shaonta Allen (Yates Fellowship, and Southern Regional Education
    Board Scholar)

  • Aalap Bommaraju (funded training course in child health epidemiology in
    San Diego)

  • Rasha Aly (Taft Graduate Summer Fellowship)

  • Katie Durante (Kunz Center for Social Research grant)

  • Alan Grigsby (Taft Dissertation Fellowship)

  • Elaina Johns-Wolfe (Amos Hawley Best Graduate Student Paper Award)

  • Ainsley Lambert (SAGE Teaching Innovations &
    Professional Development Award)

  • Amaha Sellassie (named Daytonian of the Week)

  • Megan Underhill (Kunz Center for Social Research grant)

  • Curtis Webb (Kunz Center for Social Research grant)

  • Danielle Bessett – Arts and Sciences Health Research Rising Star Award

  • Annulla Linders and Steve Carlton-Ford received the Aida Tomeh Distinguished Service Award given by the North Central Sociological Association. 

Alumni Updates

We love hearing from our alumni! Do you have news you’d like to share? Please send your updates to to be included in our next newsletter

Matt Williamson (MA, 2015) Matt started working at Brown Mackie College in North Canton as an adjunct professor in Sociology the week after graduation. He has also been working on revising a paper on police officers and domestic violence, which has been submitted for presentation at the 2016 NCSA conference.  

Michael Rengers (BS, 2011) graduated in 2011 with a BS in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. Michael began working for Target in Cincinnati as an Executive Team Leader of Assets Protection, and has recently been promoted to Assets Protection Group Leader for Target's regional distribution center and food distribution center near Columbus, Ohio.

Ashley (Brock) Dishion (BA, 2009) After graduating from UC with a BA in sociology Ashley married and went back to school, earning an Associate's and then Bachelor's in Nursing. She now works as a pediatric nurse in Emergency Services at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. In July 2014 Ashley gave birth to her first child.

Rachel Miriam Kraus (BA, 1997).  Rachel has been on faculty for eleven years at Ball State University, and is the new NCSA secretary. She has just finished a book that is now in the publication process. 

Angela Averett (BA, 1989) Since graduating in 1989, Angela attended the UC School of Social Work and went on to work for Citizen Committee on Youth doing intake for their summer youth program. She then worked for Central Community Health Board as a Chemical Dependency Counselor for a drug treatment program called ADAPT, and then to River City Correctional Center in Hamilton County, eventually becoming a case manager coordinator. Angela has mentored a number of social work students along the way.

Scott Davis (BA, 1978) Since graduating in 1978, Scott has been a 'geyser watcher' at Yellowstone National Park, worked at Arcosanti and also the Cosanti studios, graduated from Arizona State University with a Master's degree in Environmental Planning, and wrote and published a book in 1984, an excerpt of which may be found on Scott is currently living in Mesa, Arizona.

Mary Mallett (MA, 1975) After graduation, Mary accepted a position with the Department of Transportation in Washington, DC, where she was groomed as a software engineer. Her career in software development continued in the private sector.  Mary eventually obtained a Top Secret Security Clearance before retiring. She now lives in Philadelphia near her son and his family.

Dana Vannoy (PhD, 1971) retired as a Professor of Sociology at UC in 2000.  During her career she was the first Director of Women’s Studies, Head of Sociology, and Associate Dean in A&S.  She ended her career studying Russian marriages. She resides six months a year in northern Michigan on Elk Lake and six months in Naples, Florida, and done a good bit of international travel -- with camera in hand.

Louise Cohen (BA, 1952) After graduating from UC, Louise attended the Smith College School for Social Work and graduated in 1954.  Her first job was as a hospital social worker in two Philadelphia hospitals.  After marriage in 1956 and first child in 1958, Louise did not work in the field again until 1984, working in a hospice organization. Louise is retired from most activities, but still enjoys learning about local history.  She serves on her township's historical commission and is active in the care of the historical home that is the responsibility of the commission. Louise also keeps busy with family: ten grandchildren in Maine, California, New Jersey and Switzerland.


Department Transitions

2016 has ushered in many changes to the Department of Sociology: promotions and new hires, retirements, and passings. 

Promotions and New Hires:

After ten years, Annulla Linders is passing the baton to Jeffrey Timberlake, who will assume the title of Director of Graduate Studies as of July 1, 2016.  During her time as DGS, Anna recruited increasingly diverse and talented cohorts of graduate students.  Jeff will take over that position as he returns to the department after a year-long Taft Faculty Fellowship.

Jennifer Malat was promoted to Associate Dean of the Social Sciences, where she helps foster departmental collaborations and has developed a new course on diversity.

The Department of Sociology extends a very warm welcome to Jeremy Levoy, who has already proven himself invaluable as the department’s student worker. Jeremy is an undergraduate, majoring in Sociology.

Retirements and Transitions: 

Long-time Sociology instructor Mel Posey will retire at the end of May, 2016, after having served the University of Cincinnati for over 45 years. He has introduced generations of students to sociology as a discipline and way of thinking, using case studies as a basis for learning before it became prominent as part of the current pedagogical revolution. 

Sarah Mayorga-Gallo has accepted a new position at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. The move will take her and Jonathan closer to family and will provide department members with a stopping-off place when they are in Boston. We wish them both the very best in their endeavors.


We are sad to report that Emeritus Professor Thomas H. Jenkins, age 93, passed away at Hilliard, Ohio, on April 11, 2016. Tom joined our department in 1968 with a joint appointment between our department and Planning in DAAP.  He retired in 1993.  Active as an advisor in city planning throughout the United States, Tom received his undergraduate Sociology degree from the University of Chicago and advanced degrees in Sociology and Planning from the University of Chicago and Harvard University.  With a strongly interdisciplinary focus, he taught urban sociology, the sociology of planning, race, and many other courses in our department.  He will be sorely missed by former students and colleagues.                                                         


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