From the Department Head

Steve Carlton-Ford

Join me in welcoming our newest faculty and staff members to the Department of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Sarah Mayorga-Gallo joined the department in the fall of 2012. Her  research interests include racial and ethnic stratification; urban sociology; Latino/a migration; and media representations.  Her current research focuses on social interactions and relationships within multiethnic neighborhoods. She completed her Ph.D. in Sociology at Duke University. Sarah Mayorga-Gallo's book, Behind the White Picket Fence: Power and Privilege in a Multiethnic Neighborhood is ,available for pre-order through the University of North Carolina Press, explores systemic racial inequalities within integrated neighborhoods.

Dr. Ervin (Maliq) Matthew came to us in August 2012 to us from The Ohio State University, where his research focused on the sociology of education. Specifically, his research examines the role of education in shaping status attainment and social mobility.  He continues this work, as well as work in urban sociology. Dr. Matthew has published his award-winning article, Effort Optimism in the Classroom: Attitudes of Black and White Students on Education, Social Structure, and Causes of Life Opportunities, in the prestigious journal, Sociology of Education.

The Department of Sociology also welcomed two new staff members: Sandra Fist, Business Administrator, and Sarah Strouse, Program Coordinator.

Sandy began her employment in the Departments of Political Science and Sociology in July 2012, after having served the University of Cincinnati for 37 years in various positions.  Sandy is responsible for all fiscal activities for both departments, performs grant management (pre and post award), performs various human resource functions, and serves as the Program Coordinator for Graduate Studies.  In addition to her duties, she is the primary backup for both Pam Latham in Political Science, and Sarah Strouse in Sociology.[SS3] 

Sarah has worked in higher education for ten years and in the Department of Sociology since October 2013. She received her Masters of Education in 2007 with a focus in higher education assessment strategies and academic and business management. Her current responsibilities include ordering classes, tracking enrollment data, and coordinating special projects.

Linda Kocher had been with the Department of Sociology for twenty years when she retired in May of 2013 due to medical concerns. It has been with much sadness that the department mourns her passing in February 2014.