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Department of Sociolagy

Welcome to the Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology has a long track-record of training undergraduate students for post-college opportunities and graduate students for academic and research careers. Our faculty have national reputations and records of award-winning publications, research grants, and leadership of national and regional sociological associations. The department is a vibrant intellectual space, centered in the multiple research projects of our faculty members and students.

We specialize in the study of social inequality. More specifically, our faculty focus on community and urban sociology, health and medicine, race and ethnicity, and gender. We encourage prospective graduate students interested in these issues to join us! Our urban location and proximity to six major hospitals make UC an ideal place to study urban and health issues, and Sociologists for Women in Society have consistently awarded us their seal of approval for gender scholarship.

The intellectual hub of the department is the Kunz Center for Social Research, an endowed center located within and designated to support the research mission of the department. It provides research funding for faculty and graduate students, and provides an intellectual commons for faculty and students across the university with research interests in urban and race, family and gender, and health issues.

Dr. Littisha Bates

Please join us in celebrating with Dr. Littisha Bates at the Fourth-Annual Black Girls Rock Celebration.  The significance of this honor is great: Dr. Bates is the first UC junior faculty member to ever receive this honor.

The ceremony honoring Dr. Bates and others will be held  Friday, April 10 at 7:30 PM. The event will now be held in the African American Cultural and Research Center, located at 60 W. Charlton Street.

Congratulations, Dr. Bates!

Upcoming Events

March 4 - March 5       Taft Graduate Humanities Conference

We are delighted that FIVE Sociology graduate students will be presenting their work at the Taft Graduate Humanities Conference. For more details, please see the Taft Research Center's webpage. All presentations will take place at the Taft Research Center, Edwards 1.

Wednesday, March 4   

Ciera Graham, Sociology Black Spaces At White Institutions: How Black Students Perceive and Utilize Black Student Campus Organizations at Rural and Urban Predominately White Colleges?

Aaryn Green, Sociology Does Popular Network and Cable Television Programming Simultaneously Promote Colorblindness and Nonwhite Racial Stereotypes and if so, How?

Thursday, March 5    

Sangar Salih, Sociology, University of Cincinnati Parental Involvement in Children’s Education in a Kurdish Community in the United States 

Jihad Othman, Sociology, University Of Cincinnati Masculinity and health practices among male Kurdish immigrants to the US 

Thursday, March 5   

Travis D. Speice, Sociology, University of Cincinnati “Shades of gay: The problem with defining gender and sexuality” 

March 5         Crosley Tower 1606, 12:30pm - 1:45pm - Kunz Center Workshop
  • Jennifer Malat, Professor of Sociology, University of Cincinnati, Department of Sociology
    Interdisciplinary Research on Racial Inequality

    Dr. Malat will discuss a project idea to study the interpersonal and intellectual dynamics of interdisciplinary projects on race. She will explain her current thinking and seek feedback on how to develop the idea into a viable project.
March 6            3:00 PM in 301 Braunstein Hall
  • Amy Currier, University of Cincinnati,
    Identity Collisions: Gender and Sexual Diversity Organizing in Africa
    Held in conjunction with The Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
March 28        Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 4:00 pm
  • Buzzer, by Tracey Scott Wilson

Join the Kunz Center for an afternoon of theater, followed by a discussion focusing on gentrification in Cincinnati neighborhoods led by Dr. Jeff Timberlake at 6:00 pm.

April 2           Crosley Tower 1606, 12:30pm - 1:45pm - Kunz Center Workshop
  • Dr. Michael Widener, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Department of Geography
    Identifying Disparities in Pediatric Asthma Outcomes Based on Spatiotemporal Access to Relevant Health Services

    The project stems from a small seed grant from CCTST on which Dr. Widener is the Principal Investigator, and Andy Beck, Courtney Brown, Adrienne Henize, and Nicholas Newman (all at Cincinnati Children’s) are Co-Investigators. They are looking at activity patterns to see how exposure to different social environments and changing levels of access to health care facilities affect asthma outcomes.
April 3            3:00 PM in Taft Research Center, Edwards 1
  • Carol Stack: Taft Departmental Public Lecture
    University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Education
    "Call to Home: Musings on Writing Across Time, Space, and Lives"
April 9           Crosley Tower 1606, 12:30pm - 1:45pm - Kunz Center Workshop
  • A Sociological Discussion of Buzzer, by Tracey Scott Wilson
    Moderated by Dr. Jeff Timberlake, Professor of Sociology, University of Cincinnati, Department of Sociology

    The discussion will focus on the sociological themes of the play regarding race and gentrification. All are welcome, but those who attended the play are especially encouraged to attend.
April 17            3:00 PM in TUC 417A
  • Cecilia Ridgeway, Stanford University Sociology Department
    Framed by Gender
    2015 Jergens Lecture
April 24           End of Year Celebration

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