General Education at the University of Cincinnati requires a Capstone Experience by which students demonstrate mastery of the major and of the four Baccalaureate Competencies:

1. Critical Thinking
2. Effective Communication
3. Knowledge Integration
4. Social Responsibility

It is wise to begin thinking about your Capstone early in your senior year. If you procrastinate, your may find your graduation delayed until you have completed the Capstone Project.

Plan on coming up with your own ideas for a Capstone Project. Although they may provide guidance, faculty are not responsible for suggesting topics or for recommending projects.


1. Link the capstone to a course with a number above 3002 (302 quarter system) that you have taken or are presently taking. The course must support the kind of project you wish to pursue.

2. Within the first week of the semester, fill out the Capstone Project Registration Form and ask the instructor of your course to indicate support for the project by signing the form.

3. In person take the form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss and to secure approval and a signature.

4. Register for Capstone 5001 (FREN or SPAN) for one credit. The course is blocked for all students; in order to have the block removed, bring in person the completed Capstone Project Form to the Undergraduate Director in Romance Languages.

5. Participate in at least one Capstone Forum while working on the capstone project. You will present in the target language (French or Spanish). The presentation will be an oral summary of the project. You will not be permitted to read the summary.


Capstone Forum - Presented in the target language  (French or Spanish)

Fall Semester 2017- November 20, 2017 Max Kade Center

Spring Semester 2018 - April 2, 2018 Max Kade Center

Fall Semester 2018 - November 19, 2018 Max Kade Center

Spring Semester 2019 - April 1, 2019 Max Kade Center

6. The Capstone Project must be completed and graded within two semesters of the date on the project form. Your instructor will grade the project and communicate the grade in writing to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The instructor will also submit an evaluation of the capstone project.

The final capstone with all revisions will be due the week before final exams of the semester in which you are graduating.

POSSIBLE CAPSTONE PROJECTS (all to be presented in the target language):

1. A ten-page research paper developed in a course.
2. A web-page or Power Point presentation with a five-page description of the creative process and the result.
3. A ten-page literary work, for example an essay, poem, or group of poems.
4. A ten-page translation of a literary or cultural work, accompanied by an explanation of issues addressed in the process of translation.
5. An alternative project proposed by the student and accepted by the instructor and Director of Undergraduate Studies.