MHR Mentoring Program

The MHR Mentoring Program seeks to pair a current student with a former alumnus/alumna currently working in HR. This is intended to aid students in furthering their HR knowledge base outside of the classroom, while giving alumni the chance to give back and share their expertise to enhance a student's exposure to the HR field.

The general goal is to match a student with a mentor practicing in an area of HR that is of interest to the student; an area in which (s)he hopes to start his/her career upon graduating from the program. This will give the student the opportunity to learn first-hand the aspects involved in their area of interest and the chance to build their network by getting to know various people within HR. The mentor will be given the chance to teach the student areas of HR not available to them in the classroom, as well as feel a sense of connection to the MHR program.


The program is open to ALL current students, both full- and part- time employed or unemployed, pending their availability to fully and actively participate.


Upon being accepted into the MHR program, the student will be given the choice of participating in the program. If interested, the student will fill out a background and future interests form to indicate past education and experience, as well as future interests and goals within HR. This will be compared to participating mentors' backgrounds and work experiences. The most beneficial match between the two parties will then be made by the director of the program based on the relevant information provided. Student Interest forms are available on Blackboard as well as on the Program's website.


In order for the student to gain relevant and helpful information and experience, it is expected that the mentor/student relationship will last for two consecutive 1 semester (roughly 4 months) in an academic year. If both parties feel more time is needed or both wish to continue the mentorship longer than 1 semester, they are welcome to do so, but a record of this must be sent to the Center for Organizational Leadership for administrative purposes. Additionally, if the student finds (s)he would like to continue within the program, but with a different mentor in another aspect of HR, a request must be made within the Center for Organizational Leadership. Upon that request, availability of a mentor within the desired area of HR will be assessed and a decision rendered accordingly.


Due to the relatively short time frame of one semester, it is recommended that the two parties meet on a fairly consistent basis to form a meaningful and beneficial relationship; it is suggested they have bi-monthly meetings. This can be done in any form of communication conducive to the parties' schedules: telephone, email, or face-to-face. Although this is the recommended minimum, the mentor and student are free to set up more meeting times if necessary and/or desired.


Upon completion of the program, the student may ask to use the mentor as a professional reference or as a source to write a letter of recommendation for future job opportunities. It must be understood that this is at the discretion of the mentor. If the mentor accepts, the student must provide all relevant information for the successful delivery of any letter of recommendation.