MHR Degree Requirements

To earn the MHR degree, students must complete 42 graduate credit hours of coursework including a final capstone experience, which may be a project, an internship, or a research paper. Students have the option to choose between three curriculum tracks: the Functional HR Track for students with relatively little or no experience in HR or labor relations; the Advanced HR Track for those with more experience and a desire to learn more about the issues facing the top echelons of the HR function and the organization more generally; and the Custom HR Track for students with specific HR content needs.

The 42 credit hours of coursework and final experience requirements for graduation are listed below. A final overall GPA of 3.0 and 3.0 GPA in the core courses are required for graduation.


The following courses are prerequisites for the MHR program:

  • Introductory course in Microeconomics (e.g., 22ECON1001)
  • Introductory course in Statistics (e.g., 15PSYC2001)
  • Introductory course in HR (e.g., 15OLHR3000)

Students may be required to complete the pre-requisite courses with a grade of "C" or above if they lack undergraduate coursework or have limited work experience. In the case of a grade below "C", we will require that the student retake the course, as grades below "C" do not count toward completion of a graduate degree at UC. If the student takes a prerequisite course after being admitted into the program, the grade in that course will not count toward the 42 credit hours required for graduation, but will count towards his/her GPA and will in turn affect his/her ability to graduate.

Students are expected to take the prerequisites as early as possible. Success in the program often depends on the basic knowledge obtained in these prerequisite courses.

IMPORTANT - Please note that students must take:

  • ECON1001 before OLHR8028-Economics of Human Resources;
  • Introduction to Statistics before OLHR8030-HR Measurement 1;
  • OLHR8030-HR Measurement 1 before OLHR8031-HR Measurement 2; and
  • OLHR3000 before any HR course.

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Core Courses (6 required)

  • OLHR-8008 - Fundamentals of Organizations
  • OLHR-8018 - Employment Law
  • OLHR-8028 - Economics of HR
  • OLHR-8029 - Individual Behavior in the Workplace
  • OLHR-8030 - HR Measurement 1
  • OLHR-8031 - HR Measurement 2

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Cross-Functional Thematic Courses (Select Two)

  • OLHR-6025 - Ethical Issues in HRM
  • OLHR-6080 - Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • OLHR-8082 - Negotiation
  • OLHR-8084 - The Diverse Workforce

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Program Tracks

Courses in the Functional HR Track, the Advanced HR Track, or the Custom HR Track (Select Five)

  • Functional HR Track
    • OLHR-6012 - Employee and Labor Unions in a Global Economy
    • OLHR-6022 - HR Professional Development
    • OLHR-6050 - Teams
    • OLHR-8022 - Labor Relations Process and Law
    • OLHR-8073 - HR Information Systems
    • OLHR-8074 - Staffing
    • OLHR-8076 - Employee Development and Training
    • OLHR-8078 - Compensation and Benefits
    • OLHR-8098 - Teaching Practicum
    • OLHR-8099 - Research in HR
  • Advanced HR Track
    • OLHR-8010 - HR and OD & Change
    • OLHR-8012 - HR Consulting
    • OLHR-8090 - Strategic Leadership for HR
    • OLHR-8092 - Strategic HRM
    • OLHR-8094 - International HRM
    • OLHR-8096 - Performance Management
    • OLHR-8098 - Teaching Practicum
    • OLHR-8099 - Research in HR
  • Custom HR Track
    • A specific set of 5 courses offered in the MHR program, decided in consultation with an MHR faculty advisor, that meets specific needs of the student.

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Free Electives

A course from any category listed above may be taken for an additional three credit hours. Further, students may petition the Director of the MHR program to take any HR-related course offered by any other department or college at UC to complete the remaining credit hours.

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Capstone Course/Final Experience

In the final semester of classes, students should register for the OLHR9000-Capstone course and can choose to complete their final experience requirement for graduation by undertaking one of the three options listed below:

  • Internship
  • Project at your current work place
  • Writing a substantial research Paper

Details (112KB) of the Capstone (final experience) requirement are available to download.

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Finally, students are required to submit a Portfolio to reflect upon the skills and competencies acquired throughout their time in the program. The format in which the Portfolio needs to be submitted is available on the MHR community site on Blackboard.

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