Graduate Certificate in Diversity

The Graduate Certificate in Diversity is a 15 semester credit hour certificate program (5 courses) that provides students with the opportunity to take courses and develop knowledge and skills focused on managing diversity in a global workplace. Today’s work environment provides both opportunities and challenges to organizational leaders and human resource professionals who must manage a workforce comprised of workers from various backgrounds, perspectives, and countries. By completing the certificate requirements, students will develop competence in diversity management by acquiring skills and knowledge in the following areas: diversity and legal requirements, the psychology of prejudice and discrimination, developing an affirming climate for diversity, and leadership issues such as international and diverse team management.

The Graduate Certificate in Diversity is ideal for professionals who are interested in working or managing a culturally diverse workplace or who are involved in developing talent or working in diverse teams but who are not interested in obtaining a graduate degree at this time. Credits from the certificate program may be used towards completing the MA in Human Resources (similar to completing an Associate’s degree before continuing to complete a Bachelor’s) if the student chooses to do so. The certificate is also ideal for current UC Graduate students who seek to add diversity management to their current studies (e.g. MBA students) or students who wish to gain an understanding of diversity management and contemporary issues and opportunities that accompany a diverse workforce without the pre-requisites required by other MHR courses.


A Bachelor’s degree in any field of study.

Core Courses - (2 required)

  • 15OLHR8018 - Employment Law
  • 15OLHR8084 - The Diverse Workforce

Electives (select 3)

Note: Three elective courses are selected from courses offered by the MHR program with the option of completing one of these elective courses through various departments within A&S. At least two of these electives must come from the Diversity Management courses offered in MHR and the remaining elective can come from any courses listed below. All three electives can come from the MHR curriculum.

Diversity courses offered through the MHR Program (select 2-3)

  • 15OLHR8094 - International HRM
  • 15OLHR6050 - Teams
  • 15OLHR8029 - Individual Behavior in the Workplace
  • 15OLHR8099 – Research in OLHR (related to Diversity and Inclusion)

Interdisciplinary Option (1 course maximum with approval)

The following courses are examples from departments offering written support of this certificate. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of acceptable courses. For example, Africana, Hispanic, or Asian studies could also offer courses relevant to HR or business professionals. The elective courses must be graduate level courses.


  • COMM6008 - Organizational Culture and Diversity
  • COMM 8008 - Advanced Survey of Organizational Communication
  • COMM 8009 - Advanced Topics in Organizational Communication

Women & Gender Studies

  • WGS7030 - Seminar in Sexuality Studies after semester conversion
  • WGS7013 - Feminist Theory: Race/Class/Nation/Sexuality
  • WGS7015 - Feminist Theory: Transnational after semester conversion
  • WGS7046 - Transnational Feminist Movements after semester conversion
  • WGS7016 - Latina Feminisms
  • WGS7040 - Women and Human Rights
  • WGS7031 - Global Sexualities


All applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. A completed on-line application form and the required application fee;
  2. Two letters of recommendations from persons known to the applicant in a professional capacity. Letters from professors or supervisors are preferred.
  3. Official Transcripts of all previous college or university grades sent by the school(s) directly to the MHR program office.
  4. A current resume.
  5. A personal essay that includes a statement of the rationale for pursuit of the Graduate Certificate in HR program and any relevant information that would inform the Program Committee.

  6. Additional requirements for International Students:

  7. Non-native speakers of English are required to submit official TOEFL scores sent directly to the Center. TOEFL scores should be at or above 520 for the paper version, 190 for the computerized test version, and 68 for the Internet version. IELTS scores above 65 are also acceptable.


Deadline for US-based applicants Deadline for international applicants
Fall Semester June 15 January 15
Spring Semester November 15 June 15
Summer Semester March 15 November 15

Questions about the Graduate Certificate in Diversity?

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