Major Details

As a philosophy major at the UC McMicken College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), you learn how to read texts closely and how to write clearly. You also develop keen analytic and critical skills. Admission into the program is based on admission into the college and success in the first year of course work. To graduate with a major in philosophy, students must be admitted to A&S, declare a philosophy major and meet the following requirements:

Philosophy majors must complete a total of at least 54 credits in courses from the philosophy department (18 courses) and in so doing must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Philosophy majors must take Philosophy 104, 105 and 106. This is a year-long sequence surveying the major issues in philosophy.
  • Philosophy majors must take a course in symbolic logic, either 341 or 123. Both are introductory courses, but 341 is more intensive. Philosophy majors are encouraged to take 341. Students who take 341 will then be prepared to take 342 (but 342 is not required).
  • Philosophy majors must take at least 30 credits (10 courses) at the 300-level or above from the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences. Majors are required to take at least one course at the 500-level in the senior year as a capstone. Philosophy 341 may not be counted as satisfying both the logic requirement and the 300-level requirement.
  • Philosophy majors must take an additional 12 credits (four courses) of philosophy course work.


McMicken College's flexible degree requirements allow for and highly encourage students to pursue multiple areas of study. Free electives allow for enough credits for students to pursue a minor, certificate program or even complete a second major. Some of the most common pairings are listed below.

  • History
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychology
  • Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • English
  • Political Science


This curriculum information is intended as a general information guide for students considering enrollment in this major. These online tools are designed to assist you, but are not a substitute for planning with an academic or faculty advisor.

If you are currently enrolled at UC, you can audit your degree online. If you are considering transferring to this major from another school use the course applicability system (CAS) to see how credits you have earned will apply to this major at UC. For course descriptions by college, click here.

Philosophy Major Checklist

College Requirements Checklist

The major and minor requirements allow considerable flexibility in deciding what course to take and when, as long as the minimum requirements of both the college and department are met. It is prudent, however, to satisfy college and lower level philosophy requirements in your first and second years and to take lower division electives prior to upper division. Below is an example of a typical four-year program.

First Year Course Number Credits
*English Composition ENGL 101, 102 6
Introduction to Philosophy (SE) PHIL 104, 105, 106 9
*Foreign Language see checklist 9-15
*Quantitative Reasoning (QR) see checklist 9
*Social Sciences (SS) see offerings 3
*Natural Sciences (NS) see offerings 3
Free electives (recommended to count in a minor or other program) see options 0-6
Second Year Course Number Credits
*Intermediate Composition ENGL 289 3
Introduction to Logic (or Symbolic Logic I) PHIL 123 (or 341) 3
Courses in Philosophy at 200 level and above see major checklist 9
*Foreign Language (if necessary) see checklist 0-9
*Social Sciences (SS) see offerings 6
*Historical Perspectives (HP) see offerings 9
*Natural Sciences (NS) see offerings 6
Free electives (recommended to count in a minor or other program) see options 0-9
Total for second year   45
Third & Fourth Years Course Number Credits
Courses in Philosophy at 200 level and above see major checklist 30
Course in Philosophy at 500 level (capstone) see major checklist 3
*Humanities (HU) see offerings 3
*Literature (LT) see offerings 3
*Humanities, Fine Arts, or Literature (HU, FA, or LT) see offerings 3
Free electives (recommended to count in a minor or other program) see options 48
Total for third & fourth years   90
Total overall   Minimum 180

*Needed to fulfill A&S college requirements.

Students considering majoring in philosophy are encouraged to consult with the director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Philosophy as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment, please either call or send email to Prof. Christopher Gauker.  Phone: 513-556-6333.  Email: