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Department of Judaic Studies

Judaic Studies

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Steven B. Bowman

Title: Professor of Judaic Studies
Office: 3405 French Hall
Tel: 513-556-2299

Studied at Smith and Mount Holyoke colleges, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, American School of Classical Studies in Greece. Taught, travelled, lectured widely (nationally and internationally) on the Jews and Greeks as the double helix of western civilization. Recently instituted Sephardi and Greek Holocaust Library and edited first volume. extensive research experience in European, Israeli and U.S. archives.


  • PhD, The Ohio State University, 1974 (History).
  • Graduation, Boston Latin School, Boston, Massachusetts, 1960.
  • B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, 1964 (History).

Research Information

Research Interests

Women in the Bible, Jews in Byzantium, Book of Yosippon, holocaust and resistance in Greece during World War II

Research Support

  • Travel Abroad Research, Fulbright-Hays . 2010 to 2011. Status: Completed.
  • Research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 1978 to 1979. Status: Completed.
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Lady Davis. Status: Completed.
  • (PI), Bowman, Steven, Fulbright-Hays Senior Faculty Research Abroad, Department of Education. (P019A00047), $27,389.00. 09/01/2010 to 12/31/2011. Status: Closed.


Peer Reviewed Publications

  • "Jewish Responses to Byzantine Polemics 9th - 11th Centuries" in The Jewish Jesus. Revelation, Reflection, Reclamation, ed. Zev Garber (West Lafayette:  Purdue University Press, 2011), 181-203. (revised and expanded version of "Jewish Responses to Byzantine Polemics 9th - 11th Centuries"
  • "Antietam" in Civil War Campaigner 2 (2010), 61-67.
  • "Survival in Decline:  Romaniote Jewry post 1204" in  Jews of Byzantium:  Dialectics of Minority and Majority Cultures), ed. R. Bonfil et al. (Leiden: E.J. Brill,  2012), 101-132.


  • Jewish Resistance in Wartime Greece, London: Vallentine Mitchell, 2006

    [review essay by Andre Gerolymatos in Journal of Modern Hellenism 23-24 (2006-2007), 91-95]
  • The Agony of Greek Jewry, 1940-1945 ( Stanford University October 2009).

    [optioned for film LAND OF THE ANGELS]
  • An Annotated Translation of Sepher Yosippon. First volume in Hackmey Classical Jewish Texts Series by Harvard UP (Harvard UP and Tel Aviv UP in press)
  • Andarta Le-Andartes, Revised Hebrew version of Jewish Resistance in Wartime Greece in press with Ben Zvi Institute.
  • The Jews of Byzantium, 1204-1453. University of Alabama Press, 1985; paperback reprint New York, 2000
  • Revised Greek version of Jewish Resistance in Wartime Greece in press. Athens: Jewish Communities of Greece [KIS], 2013
  • Editor. Marco Nahon. Birkenau, the Camp of Death. (with historical introduction by the editor) University of Alabama Press, 1991.
  • Editor with Blanche Cody. In iure veritas. Studies in Canon Law in Memory of Schafer Williams. University of Cincinnati Press, 1991
  • Edited and published S. Giora Shoham, Valhalla, Calvary & Auschwits [Cincinnati and Tel Aviv, 1995] with editor's preface.
  • Edited and facilitated publication of Michael Matsas, The Illusion of safety [New York, Pella Press, 1997] with editor's bibliographic essay.
  • Edited Erwin Deutscher, Adventures on Three Continents. A Memior [New York, Bloch Publishing Com., 2002] with editor's preface.
  • Edited and Published Moshe Ha-Elion, The Straits of Hell. The chronicle of a Salonikan Jew in the Nazi extermination camps Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Melk, Ebensee. [Mannheim: Bibliopolis and Cincinnati: BCAP, 2005]
  • Edited with my introductory essay, Differences. A Novel by Dr. Nathan Mayer
  • Vol. 1 The Holocaust in Salonika: Eyewitness Accounts, edited with introductory essay by Steve Bowman; translated by Isaac Benmayor. New York, 2002
  • Vol. 2 Heinz Salvator Kounio, A Liter of Soup and Sixty Grams of Bread. The diary of prisoner number 109565, Adapted and translated by Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos. New York, 2003
  • Vol. 3 Isaac Bourla, Chimera. A Period of Madness. New York, 2007
  • Vol. 4 Elias Messinas, The Synagogues of Greece. A Study of the Synagogues in Macedonia and Thrace (in press)
  • Vol. 5 Berry Nahmias, A Cry for Tomorrow. Translated by David Weinberg. Jacksonville, FL, 2012
  • Vol. 6 Elias Messinas, The Synagogues of Greece. A Study of the Synagogues in Macedonia and Thrace. Jacksonville, FL, 2013

Encyclopedia Article

  • :  Cambridge Dictionary of Jewish Religion, History, and Culture. "Byzantium".

Presentations & Lectures


  • Cambridge University, UK.
  • Yarnton Manor, Oxford University, Oxford, UK.
  • Hillel, Oxford University, Oxford, England UK.
  • Cambridge University, England, UK.
  • University of London, SOAS, United Kingdom.
  • SOAS, University of London, London, England, UK.
  • Hochschule fur Judische Studien, {Heidelberg University], Germany.
  • Maintz, Germany.

Experience & Service

Post Graduate training and Education

  • 1971 to 1973, American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece.

Events Organized

  • Workshop. FRIAS Workshop on the Holocaust (11/24/2010 to 11/26/2010) , Freiburg University.
  • Symposium. Fulbright Gathering (01/26/2011 to 01/26/2011) , Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Other. Jacob and Jenny L. Lichter Lecture Series (1981 to 2012) , University of Cincinnati.
  • Lecture. Co-cordinator Jacob and Jennie L. Lichter Series (1981 to 2012) , University of Cincinnati.


  • Other, Tel Aviv University