Certificate in Japanese Language and Culture

The Certificate in Japanese Language and Culture requires 30 credit hours of course work beyond Basic Japanese.



  • JAPN 1001-1002 = Basic Japanese (10 credits)

Required courses:

  • JAPN 2001-2002-3 Second Year Japanese (10 credits)
  • JAPN 3001-3002 Third Year Japanese (10 credits)
  • AIST 2082 Introduction to Japanese Culture (3 credits)

One of the following courses:

  • AIST 2078 Japan: Society, Government, and Economy
  • AIST 2083 Introduction to Asian Films
  • AIST 3054 Asian Women and Representation
  • AIST 3055 Premodern Japanese Literature in Translation
  • AIST 3056 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
  • AIST 4051 Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture in Early Modern Japan
  • ARTH 1040 Survey of East Asian Art
  • ARTH 2071 Art of Asia II: Japan
  • ARTH 3042 Early Modern Japanese Art 
  • ARTH 6050 History of Japanese Prints 

Students successfully completing course work at either Nagoya University of Foreign Studies or Nagoya University in Japan may apply selected credits to the Japanese Certificate.

For more information, please contact Dr. Noriko Fujioka-Ito

email: noriko.fujioka@uc.edu; office- 737 Old Chem; ph: 513-556-2747.