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Department of History

Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC)

In 1943 the Cincinnati Mayor’s Friendly Relations Committee was formed in response to heightened racial tensions in the city. In the mid-1960s the Committee’s name was changed to the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC), the moniker it maintains today as it continues its work on behalf of diversity and racial harmony within the city. Professor Fritz Casey-Leininger, doctoral candidate Nate McGee, and 2014 History graduate Geoff Daniels have been working to help recover that history on behalf of the CHRC.

The history team was hired by Maloney and Associates, the firm contracted by CHRC to carry out this work. Prof. Casey-Leininger is acting as the project archivist. Among other duties, last summer he helped arrange for the transfer of over 80 boxes of documents from the CHRC to the Urban Studies Collections of the University of Cincinnati Archives and Rare Books Library. Nate McGee is now organizing those materials under the direction of UC Archivist Kevin Grace and archives librarian Suzanne Maggard-Reller.  The new material, which includes documents from the organization's inception in 1943 through 2013, adds to a number of CHRC materials already housed in the UC Archives.   Much of this material reflects CHRC's efforts to promote better race relations in the city and better relationships between the police and the community.  Prof. Casey-Leininger and Geoff Daniels have been identifying additional materials housed in non-CHRC collections that deal with the organization. Daniels has also been collecting oral histories about the group. Nate McGee will eventually help create a single unified finding aid for the whole CHRC collection and has been blogging about his ongoing work.