Film and Media Studies

The Center for Film & Media Studies at the University of Cincinnati is the hub for the vibrant film and media culture at UC and in the Cincinnati region. It promotes partnerships between scholars, students, artists, and media professionals in Cincinnati and around the globe. Its mission is to foster the continuing development of film and media studies and production and to promote the continuing development of film and media culture at UC and throughout the region. The Center supports:

     · Cutting-edge research in film and media studies by funding local scholars and bringing world-renowned experts to Cincinnati to share their research.

     · Analytical and creative projects by scholars, students and professional filmmakers.

     · The creation and development of new courses and programs of study in film and screen media studies and production at UC.

     · Residencies by scholars and filmmakers from around the world to share their work with students, faculty, and the community.

     ·  Curated film series and screenings of exciting and innovative works along with commentary by experts in the field in partnership with local cinemas such as the Esquire and Marimont Theatres.

The CFMS welcomes the participation of all who are interested in furthering film and media culture at UC, in Cincinnati, and beyond. For more information and to learn how you can become a part of the Center’s activities, please contact the Director of the CFMS, Todd Herzog.