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Colloquium Series Schedule

Spring Semester, 2015

Time: Fridays at 12:20 in room 527, Geology-Physics Building (unless otherwise noted)

Refreshments begin after the colloquium in the Rug Room

Coordinator: Andy Czaja (

Date Colloquium Information
Jan. 16
3:35 p
Greg Walsh, U.S. Geological Survey: "Unraveling the history of complexly deformed rocks - An example from the Bronson Hill anticlinorium of western NH"
Host: Craig Dietsch
Jan. 23
Kira Lorber, UC: "Microfossils of the 2.5-billion-year-old Gamohaan Formation of South Africa: Interpretation of their depositional environment and biomarkers"
Yeon Jee Suh, UC: "From buds to litter: seasonal changes in leaf wax concentrations and carbon isotopes and implications for the geologic past"
Jan. 30
Erika Freimuth, UC: "From biosynthesis to senesecence: investigating seasonal biases in lipid production and composition to improve wax paleohydrology"
Liz Haussner, UC: "Volcanogenic material at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico: Potential impacts on early human settlement"
Chris Sheehan, UC: TBA
Feb. 6
Kerstin Ahrens, UC: TBA
Frida Akerstrom, UC: "Greenhouse gas emissions from arctic lakes in Northern Alaska"
Jani Sparks, UC: "Establishing the effect of sea spray on sulfur isotope values in vegetation on the island of Trinidad"
Feb. 13
Christopher Aucoin, UC: TBA
Claire Botner, UC: "Methane levels and sources in groundwater near fracking sites in the Utica Shale of Ohio"
Sourav Saha, UC: "Chronostratigraphy of Himalayan glacial fluctuations at the millennial timescale during the Holocene"
Feb. 20
Francesca Hopkins, Jet Propulsion Laboratory: "Mitigation of methane emissions in cities: how new measurements and partnerships can contribute to emissions reduction strategies"
Host: Amy Townsend-Small
Feb. 27
Rachel Headley, University of Wisconsin, Parkside: "From the mountains to the prairies: glacial landscapes and processes"
Host: Eva Enkelmann
Mar. 2

12:20 p

4:00 p

**MSA Distinguished Lecturer**
Bethany Ehlmann, Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
527 Geo-Physics: "Aqueous environments during Mars' first billion years" Mineralogic clues from orbiting infarred spectrometers"
301 Braunstein - "Roving Mars with Curiosity: Geochemistry and mineralogy at Gale Crater"
Host: Andy Czaja
Mar. 13
Sora Kim, University of Chicago: "Ecological dynamics in modern and ancient sharks: insights from stable isotope analysis"
Host: Crowley
Mar. 20
No Colloquium - Spring Break
Mar. 27
Julianne Fernandez, UC: TBA
Stephanie Heath, UC: "Evolution of Laurentide ice streams"
Alex Wall, UC: TBA
Apr. 3
3:35 p
Broxton Bird, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis: "Reconstructing Holocene hydroclimates with high-resolution lake sediment archives from the world's water towers"
Host: Aaron Diefendorf
Apr. 10

Katie Dunn, UC: TBA
Jeff Osterhout, UC: "Diversity and ecology of 1.4 billion-year-old lacustrine microfossils"
Julia Wise, UC: TBA

Apr. 17
Jenny Arkle, UC: "Landscape evolution in Trinidad"
Elizabeth Bullard, UC: Ecological responses of land snail communities from Tenerife, Canary Islands, to Quaternary environmental change"
Allison Young, UC: TBA
Apr. 24
No Colloquium