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Department of Geology


Colloquium Series Schedule

Fall Semester, 2014

Time: Fridays at 3:35 in room 527, Geology-Physics Building (unless otherwise noted)

Refreshments begin after the colloquium in the Rug Room

Coordinator: Andy Czaja (

Date Colloquium Information
Sep. 5
Geology faculty, staff, and students: Summer activity slideshow and lab safety presentation. 
Sep. 12
Natalie Kruse Daniels, Ohio University: "On-site treatment of hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced water: Removing hardness ions and radioactive isotopes"
Host: Amy Townsend-Small
Sep. 19
Nate Bradley, US Bureau of Reclamation: "Large scale hydraulic modeling of the Trinity River: Science-supported river restoration project prioritization and decision making"
Host: Dylan Ward
Sep. 26
**Special joint seminar with Dept. of Sociology***
Lori Peek,
Co-director of the Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis, Colorado State University: "The Deepwater Horizon oil spill: Enduring health effects and youth empowerment efforts along the U.S. Gulf Coast"
Oct. 3
Nadine McQuarrie, University of Pittsburgh: "Evaluting the importance of structural geometry, rates of thrusting and topographic evolution on thermochronometer cooling ages: insights from the Bhutan Himalaya"
Host: Eva Enkelmann
Oct. 10
No Colloquium: Departmental 4-day field trip
Oct. 17
No Colloquium
Oct. 24
No Colloquium
Oct. 31
Arndt Schimmelmann, Indiana University, Bloomington: "Natural outgassing of shale gas and the discovery of a sink for atmospheric methane"
Host: Matt Vrazo
Nov. 7
No Colloquium
Nov. 14

Chris Widga, Illinois Geological Survey: "Last of the American elephants: The Midwestern mammoth and mastodon project"
Host: Brooke Crowley

Nov. 21
Shuhai Xiao, Virigina Tech: "on the eve of the Cambrian explosion: Biological evolution in the Ediacaran Period"
Host: Andy Czaja
Nov. 28
No Colloquium
Dec. 5
Mark Krekeler, Miami University: "Short stories from the transmission electron microscope"
Host: Warren Huff