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Colloquium Series Schedule

Spring Semester, 2014

Time: Fridays at 3:30 to 4:30 PM in room 527, Geology-Physics Building (unless otherwise noted)

Refreshments begin after the colloquium in the Rug Room

Coordinator: Andy Czaja (

Date Colloquium Information
Jan. 10
Kelsey Feser, UC: “Geographic variation in mollusk assemblages and its relationship to geochemistry: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands”

Andrew Zaffos, UC: “The persistence of ecological gradients: what do we really know?”

Sarah Falkowski,
U. Tübingen: "Spatial distribution of exhumation at the Yakutat plate corner an the role of glacial erosion, SE Alaska/SW Yukon"
Jan. 17
Gary Motz, UC: “Geometric morphometric analyses of shell shape contributions to prey selectivity in Neogene venerid bivalves of the Indo-Pacific”

Matt Vrazo,
UC: “Semi-landmark analysis of eurypterids:  a new tool for determining morphological variation”
Jan. 23 & 24

Kyle Straub, Tulane University (GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer)

Thursday night public lecture at the Cincinnati Museum Center, 7 pm:
“Stratigraphy: A flawed record of Earth’s history, but the best one we have”

Departmental Colloquium:
"Process controls on stratigraphic completeness and basin filling sedimentation patterns along passive margins”

Host: Ward

Jan. 31
John Aleinikoff, USGS

“Determining the age of deposition of sedimentary rocks: ion microprobe U-Pb geochronology and REE analysis of diagenetic xenotime and monazite”

Host: Craig Dietsch
Feb. 7
Erika Freimuth, UC: “Climatic and physiological influences on the hydrogen-isotopic composition of plant-wax lipids”

Kira Lorber,
UC: “Understanding the origin and evolution of life on earth through characterization of the morphology and geochemistry of microfossils in the Precambrian”
Feb. 14
Cameron Schwalbach, UC: “Reciprocal time-averaging and taphonomic feedback in a composite bivalve-bryozoan concentration from the Upper Ordovician of Kentucky”

Jennie Arkle,
UC: “Constraining the erosion and exhumation of the Northern Range, Trinidad”
Feb. 21
James Cobb, Kentucky Geological Survey

"A retrospective on an exciting and varied career in the Kentucky Geological Survey”

Host: Paul Potter
Feb. 28
Amy Weislogel, West Virginia University

“Perspectives and perils of using U-Pb zircon geochronology to constrain stratigraphic age: lessons from the Permian-Triassic Karoo basin, South Africa”

Host: Eva Enkelmann
Mar. 7
Julie Bartley, Gustavus Adolphus

“From Proterozoic to Modern: What can we learn from stromatolites?”

Host: Andrew Czaja
Mar. 14
Adam Piestrzeniewicz, UC: “Confining the temporal and spatial extent of focused rapid exhumation in the St. Elias syntaxis region, Alaska”

Yeon Jee Suh, UC: “Climatic and physiologic controls on carbon and hydrogen isotope fractionation in plant leaf waxes and terpenoids”
Mar. 21

No Colloquium.  Spring Break

Mar. 28
Carole Caprioni, Jersey West Drilling, Inc.

“A Tale of Two Drilling Companies”

Host: Warren Huff
Apr. 4
Julia Wise, UC: “When it comes to Disinfection Byproduct formation, land use variation complicates things–fast.”

Jani Sparks, UC: "Archaeological and geochemical analysis of the cultural and environmental history of Trinidad"

Stella Mosher,
UC: "A multi-isotope approach for characterizing spatial variability on Tenerife Island"
Apr. 11
Ibrahim Ugurlu, UC: “A new and innovative technique to calculate porosity in rocks”

Jason Cesta, UC: "Incision of remnant alluvial fans: Implications for the climate history of the Chajnantor Plateau, northern Chile"
Apr. 18
Steve Dornbos, UW-Milwaukee

“Paleoecology of the Cambrian Radiation”

Host: Andrew Czaja