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Department of Geography

Department of Geography

Geographers study the spatial dimensions of human activities and physical landscapes. The discipline of Geography focuses on the interrelationships between humans and their environments, linking the physical and social sciences.

Geographers use a variety of tools, but much of their work revolves around developing and analyzing various forms of spatial data and information, with a special emphasis on satellite imagery, vector graphics, historical, and paper maps.

Possessing the ability to "think spatially," along with a diverse toolkit of quantitative and qualitative methods, geographers have a wide variety of employment options. Our alumni have taken positions in business, government agencies, academia, and non-profit organizations. The job market is especially strong for those with skills in Geographic Information Systems and Science (GIS).

The Department of Geography at UC offers PhD, MA, and BA degrees.

All students are encouraged to develop individualized programs meeting their specific needs, in consultation with their academic adviser. For more information on courses and requirements for the BA program, please visit the Undergraduate Program site. For more on the PhD and MA programs, please visit the Graduate Program site.

Department News

(02.26.2014) Congratulations to UC Geography Post Doc Dr. Anna Dmowska!She was selected by the International Council for Science (ICSU) ( to participate in The Young Scientists Networking Conference on Integrated Science discussing the theme of “Ecosystems and human wellbeing in the green economy”.   The meeting will take placed May 25-31, 2014 at the German-Italian Centre for Scientific Exchange in Villa Vigoni (, Italy.  Anna’s participation is fully paid for by the ICSU. 

(01.08.2014) University of Cincinnati Geography will take the National Academies of Science's Transportation Research Board Annual Conference, a competitive and peer-reviewed research meeting, by storm next week (Jan 12-16). Dr. Michael Widener, PhD Student Daniel Schleith and MA student Nate Wessel will all travel to Washington DC to present new research.