Megan M. Martin

Contact Information

Megan Martin
Position Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office Location McMicken Hall Room 009
Phone (513) 556-5924
Fax (513) 556-5960
Mail Location 0069


Megan Martin

Megan Martin, Adjunct Assistant Professor


School Degree
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
M.F.A. in Creative Writing
Iowa University B.A. English


Teaching Experience

Adjunct Professor, English, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH, August 2009-current. Teaches English 101, Studies in Fiction, Women's Literature, and Literature and the Moral Imagination.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, English, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, Sept. 2009-current. Teaches English 101, 102, and 289. Focus on basic rhetorical strategies, analysis, and primary and secondary research.

Instructor, Upward Bound, Literature and Creative Writing, St. Augustine College, Chicago, IL, June-August 2009. Taught literature and creative writing to at-risk youth.

Adjunct Professor, First Year Writing Program, Columbia College, Chicago, IL, Sept. 2008-May 2009. Taught Writing and Rhetoric II (ethnographic/research writing.)

Adjunct Professor, St. Augustine College, Chicago, IL, Sept. 2005-May 2009. Taught Composition I and II, American Literature and Culture, and Speech. Created all curriculum, exams, and course materials.

Adjunct Professor, Composition I , Richard J. Daley College, Chicago, January-May 2005. Taught grammar, paragraph and essay organization, reading comprehension and analysis.

Instructor, Creative Writing and Performance, Austin High School, After School Matters, Chicago, September 2003-May 2005. Encouraged, motivated, and instructed at-risk youth in fiction, poetry, and performance. Created opportunities for students to share work


5 Stories, The Reprint, forthcoming

"How You Get Love" and "City Armor," The Offending Adam, April 2012
"3 Stories," Wigleaf, Spring 2012

"Outfoxed," Black Warrior Review, Spring 2012

"5 Stories," MAKE: A Chicago Literary Magazine, Fall 2011

"Hoops, Marmalades, and Kazoos" and "A Smart Girl," La Petite Zine, Winter 2011

"3 Shorts," HOBART, November 2011

"Both of Us Know That is Not an Option," Housefire, 2012

"3 Stories," The Collagist, October 2011

"3 Stories," >kill author, Fall 2011

"On Kurt Schwitters," Burnaway Atlanta, Authors on Art column

3 Prose Poems from Sparrow and Other Eulogies (prose poems), Cake Train 2011

2 Prose Poems from Sparrow and Other Eulogies (prose poems), H_NGM_N, May 2010

3 Haikus, IsReads 7, Winter 2010

“Postcards From New Life” (series of hybrid works), Word Riot,
Nov. 2009

“My Guru,” “Om” (prose poems), Action, Yes! Fall 2009 Issue (forthcoming)

“Elements of Grief,” “Reminders of Water,” “Vacancy/No Vacancy,” (prose poems), Wunderkammer, Spring 2009.

“Afterlives,” “Leave-taking,” (poetry), elimae, November 2008.

“Sparrow, Final Eulogy” (poem) Tarpaulin Sky, Fall 2008.

Various prose poems, BlazeVox 2k8, Spring 2008.

“A Family Gathering” (prose), The Denver Quarterly, Fall 2006.

“Somebodies,” elimae, May 2006.

“The Cyclops and His Eyeball, Starring Myself,” “Making Texarkana,” “Recipe For a Happy Family” (prose), WebConjunctions, March 2006.

“After Jeremiah” (short story), The Madison Review, Spring 2005 Issue.

“Drive” (short story), Other Voices, Spring 2005 Issue.

Classes Taught

English Composition 101 and 102

English Composition 1001

Art History at Cincinnati State College