Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson

Contact Information

Laura Thompson
Position Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office Location McMicken Hall Room 220
Phone (513) 556-5924
Fax (513) 556-5960
Mail Location 0069



School Degree
University of Cincinnati Ph.D. in Creative Writing
Vermont College of the Fine Arts
M.F.A. in Creative Writing
Lycoming College B.A. in Creative Writing

Academic Honors

Jean Chimsky Poetry Prize, University of Cincinnati, 2012

Graduate Scholarship, University of Cincinnati, 2010-present

Graduate Enhancement, University of Cincinnati, 2010-present

Graduate Teaching Assistantship, University of Cincinnati, 2010-present

Graduate Scholarship, Vermont College, 2004-2007

Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship, 2004

Bishop William Perry Eveland Prize, Lycoming College, 2004

Tributary Poetry Prize, Lycoming College Literary Journal, 2003

Penguin Award for Excellence in English, Lycoming College English Department, 2003

Ada Remley Scholarship, Lycoming College, 2003

NAISA Study Abroad Scholarship, 2002

Creative Writing Scholarship, Lycoming College English Department, 2000-2004

Valedictorian Scholarship, Lycoming College, 2000-2004


“Gullah Island, St. Helens, South Carolina” Oysters and Chocolate, 10 September 2012.
“Animal Intelligence” The Guardian, February-March, 2010.
“Heat,” “My Boyfriend’s Miscarriage,” “’Inappropriate Lactation After a Miscarriage,” and “Outgrown” The Fertile Source, 2 January 2012.
“Replacement” Tiger’s Eye: A Journal of Poetry, Mid-Spring 2008, Issue 15.
“My Boyfriend’s Miscarriage” and “Merlin’s Woman” The Tributary, 2004.
“Coole Park, 2002,” “Kilmacduagh, South Galway” and “Mediocrity” The Tributary,     2003.
“Poetic Illness” and “Red, White, and Blue” The Tributary, 2002.

“All Around Us” The Tributary, 2004.
“Hunting” The Tributary, 2003.

“Why We Like It: ‘Horse.’ The Cincinnati Review, 17 January 2012.
“Baker Hunt Parade Showcases Local Talent.” Soapbox, 9 August 2011.
“Good Food, Good Eats at Grailville.” Soapbox, 9 August 2011.
“Cincy Metropolitan Orchestra Celebrates 15 Years,” Soapbox, 16 August 2011.
“UGIVE Empowers Students to Step Up.” Soapbox. 16 August 2011.
“Notes From the Stacks: What’s That Book About?” Prime, Brodart Company, November 2008.
Monthly Author Profiles, McNaughton Adult Hardcover, Young Adult Hardcover, and
Children’s Hardcover, Brodart Company, 2004-2009.
“History of Lycoming College Buildings,” Lycoming College Alumni Magazine, Fall 2003.

Lectures, Addresses, Presentations, and Readings

“But I Digress: Interdisciplinary Interruptions” Being Undisciplined Conference, University of Cincinnati, April 2013
Dramatic reading, The Vagina Monologues, University of Cincinnati, February 2013

“Losing Face: Prosopagnosia and the Posthuman” MEGA Conference, Miami University, March 2013

“Losing Face: Prosopagnosia and the Posthuman” Works in Progress Conference, University of Cincinnati, May

“Freshly Squeezed: Vice, Virtue, and Fruit in Goblin Market” MEGA Conference, Miami University, March 2012

“Boundary Violations: Severus Snape in the Borderland” Replacing Wands for Quills: A Harry Potter Symposium for Muggle Scholars, James Madison University, November 2011

“Pedagogy in the Time of Fibro Fog” Composing Spaces Conference, University of Cincinnati, May 2011

Annual poetry readings, English Graduate Organization, University of Cincinnati, 2010-2012

Annual poetry readings, Word Without End, 2010-2012.

Poetry Reading, Rogue River Bookstore, Williamsport, PA, November 2009.

“The Quiet Mystery Reenacted: Humans, Animals, and Boundaries.” Graduate Lecture,     
Vermont College, January 2007.

Graduate Poetry Reading, Vermont College, January 2007.

“Comics and Comeuppance: The Mutation of Gender in X-Men.” Society for Utopian     
Studies, Toronto, October 2004.

Graduation Address, Lycoming College, May 2004.

Poetry Reading, Sigma Tau Delta Induction Ceremony, Lycoming College, March 2004.

Annual poetry readings, Creative Arts Society, Lycoming College, 2001-2004.

Monthly poetry readings, Supporting Poets, Artists, and Musicians, Williamsport, PA,     

Dedication, 9/11 Candlelight Vigil, Lycoming College, September 2001.

Panel Discussions, Gays, Lesbians, Or Bisexuals And Allies at Lycoming (GLOBAL),     
Lycoming College, 2000-2004.