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Chrstopher H. Bachelder

Christopher Bachelder

Christopher Bachelder, Associate Professor

Contact Information

Christopher Bachelder
Associate Professor
Office Location McMicken Hall room 350 G
Phone (513) 556-3207
Fax (513) 556-5960
Mail Location  0069


School Degree
Virginia Tech B.A. English
University of Florida M.F.A English

Professional Summary

Chris Bachelder is the author of Bear v. Shark (2001), U.S.! (2006), Abbott Awaits (2011), and The Throwback Special (2016). Foreign editions of his novels have been published in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, and Germany.  Bachelder’s short fiction and essays have appeared in McSweeney’s, The Believer, Harper’s, Oxford American, American Short Fiction, The Massachusetts Review, Black Warrior Review, Subtropics, and elsewhere.   Before joining the faculty at the University of Cincinnati in 2011, Bachelder taught at the University of Massachusetts, Colorado College, and New Mexico State.  


Bear v. Shark (Scribner, 2001)
U.S.! (Bloomsbury, 2006)
Abbott Awaits (LSU, 2011)
The Throwback Special (W. W. Norton, 2016)

Short Fiction

“A Brief History of Bad Love,” Ink Pot (Fall 2004)

“A Clarification,” Quick Fiction (October 2007)

“A Love Letter of Recommendation,” Four Letter Word (Free Press, 2008)

“Abbott Imagines,” Keyhole (December 2010)

“Abbott in High Grass,” Subtropics (Spring/Summer 2010)

“Autograph Night,” Ghost Town (Summer 2011)

“Blue Knights Bounced from CVD Tourney,” Backwards City Review (Spring 2005)

 (Collected in New Stories from the South: The Year’s Best, 2006)

“Blue Knights Fold Like Some Kind of Origami Bird,” Hobart (Fall 2007)

“City League,” Monkeybicycle (Winter 2007)

“Conservatory,” storySouth (Fall 2009)

            (Collected in Best of the Web 2010)

“Deep Wells, USA,” McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern No. 14 (Fall 2004)

            (Reprinted in Harper’s, Jan. 2005)

“Eighth Wonder,” McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern No. 32 (Fall 2009)

“Employment History,” Puerto del Sol (Summer 2003)

“Escort Fore,” Intersection (UK) (Summer 2003)

“Gatsby’s Hydroplane,” Subtropics (Winter/Spring 2008)

“Georgia and After,” The Oxford American (May/June 2003)

“Like Dylan at Newport,” The Cincinnati Review (Summer 2006)

“Lucky Abbott,” The Cincinnati Review (Summer 2009)

“Maintenance Window,” The Collagist (August 2009)

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(Collected in Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans: The Best of McSweeney’s, Humor Category: 1998-2003, Knopf 2004; collected in Fakes, Norton 2012)

“My Son, There Exists Another World Alongside Our Own,” McSweeney’s Quarterly

Concern No. 23 (Spring 2007)

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(Summer 2004)

“On a Difficult Sentence in Gatsby,” American Short Fiction (Fall/Winter 2007)

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“A Disconcerting Animal,” The Oxford American (Music Issue 2006)

(Collected in The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing, University of Arkansas Press, 2008)

“A Soldier Upon a Hard Campaign,” The Believer (October 2004)

“At Play in the Fields of Time: The Clockless Stories of Charles D’Ambrosio,” The

 Writer’s Chronicle (May 2008)

“Doctorow’s Brain and Other Special Problems in Literary Realism,” The Believer

 (February 2007)

“Father’s Prayer,” forthcoming in an anthology on fatherhood (2014)

“Note to a Young Teacher,” The Massachusetts Review (2009)

“Seller’s Notes,” The Oxford American (Summer 2008)

“That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore,” GQ Style (Spring-Summer 2009)

“That Pecker: Adventures in Domestic Epistemology,” The Oxford American (Spring


The Believer Reading Group Guide for Bright Lights, Big City,” The Believer

 (September 2004)

“The Dead Chipmunk: An Interrogation,” The Believer (February 2011)

The Jungle at 100,” Mother Jones (Jan/Feb 2006)

“The Mulcher,” The Oxford American (Winter 2006)

“Toward a Theory of Surprise,” The Believer (January 2010)

“When Basketball Imitates Melville” (with Brian McMullen), The Believer (Oct 2007)