Rhetoric & Professional Writing

The Rhetoric and Professional Writing track (RPW) prepares students to write persuasively and effectively in public and professional settings. We emphasize experiential learning opportunities, such as client-based class projects and internships, and offer students interdisciplinary and collaborative experiences that are important for a wide range of professional environments. The track prepares students to be informed, responsible participants in civic affairs and can lead to employment in commercial and non-profit organizations or graduate work in professional writing.


* Rhetoric and Professional Writing checklist
This electronic requirement checklist can be completed and used during advising sessions or utilized to track the progress toward your degree.

► A minimum of 36 credit hours is required, with at least 21 hours in the chosen track.
► Only courses listed on this checklist count toward the major. If you wish to substitute a course, please contact the Professional Writing Program Director
► English Composition (ENGL 1001) is prerequisite to any English Major coursework.
► It is highly recommended to complete the composition sequence (ENGL 2089: Intermediate Composition or equivalent) prior to beginning English Major  coursework, but not required.

(1) Core Courses for All English Majors

ENGL 3000 - Intro to Literary and Cultural Studies
ENGB 3006 -Intro to Shakespeare
ENGL 2007 or ENGL 2008 - Survey: American Literature
ENGB 2034 or ENGB 2035 - Survey: British Literature
Global, Ethnic, & Minority Literature in English - choose 1:
   (see below for list of approved courses)

(2) Rhetoric and Professional Writing Track Requirements

ENGL 3059 Introduction to RPW.
►One 4000 Level Writing Course. See list below
ENGL 5095 Capstone (9 credit hrs. prereq.)

Rhetoric and Professional Writing Course Electives

►Choose 4 RPW courses from the approved list.

►ENGL 2073 - Rhetoric and Social Engagement  
►ENGL 3060 - Language & Knowledge Discourse
►ENGL 3067 - Rhetoric of Textual Analysis          
►ENGL 3068 - Topics in RPW      
►ENGL 3069 - Introduction to Web Authoring  
►ENGL 3070 - Desktop Publishing             
►ENGL 3072 - Multi-Media Writing     
►ENGL 3073 - Analysis and the Internet 
►ENGL 3074 - Rhetoric of Social Media  
►ENGL 3076 - Writing with Style
►ENGL 3077 - Visual Rhetoric   
►ENGL 4099 - Internship

►ENGL 4095 - Theory of Professional Writing
►ENGL 5080 - Writing Cincinnati
►ENGL 5091 - Individual Work 
►ENGL or PWRT 5121 - Instructional Design
►ENGL or PWRT 5122 - Promotional Writing
►ENGL or PWRT 5123 - Reports and Proposals 
►ENGL or PWRT 5124 - Editing Professional Documents
►ENGL or PWRT 5125 - Info Graphics & Doc Design
►ENGL or PWRT 5126 - User Experience and Usability
►ENGL or PWRT 5128 - Publishing and New Media


4000 Level Writing Courses

See Professional Writing Program Director for approval of courses not on this list.

►ENGL4091 - Writing for Business         
►ENGL4092 - Technical and Scientific Writing  

►ENGL4093 - Environmental Writing
►ENGL4094 - Biomedical Writing

English Courses in Global, Ethnic, & Minority Literature

►ENGL2021 - World Literature I
►ENGL2022 - World Literature II
►ENGL2028 - Ethnic and Minority Literature
►ENGL2034 - Contemporary World Literature: Drama
►ENGL2037 - Contemporary World Literature: Poetry
►ENGL2045 - Lesbian and Gay Literature
►ENGL2054 - Women’s Literature
►ENGL2057 - Twentieth-Century Women Authors
►ENGL2059 - American Jewish Literature
►ENGL2080 - Ethnic Literatures of the United States
►ENGL2083 - African American Literature Survey I
►ENGL2084 - African American Literature Survey II
►ENGL3041 - Introduction to American Ethnic Literature
►ENGL3042 - Topics in American Ethnic Literature

►ENGL3044 - Interracialism
►ENGL3047 - Jews and Race
►ENGL3088 - American Women Writers to 1900
►ENGL3089 - American Women Writers after 1900
►ENGL3095 - Race, Ethnicity, and Film
►ENGL4004 - African American Literature: Major Authors
►ENGL4035 - Lesbian Literature and Psychology

►ENGC3027 - Introduction to Critical Race Theory
►ENGC3061 - Black Women Writers
►ENGC3066 - Caribbean Literature
►ENGC3067 - Anglophone/ Postcolonial Literature
►ENGC3068 - Transnational American Literature