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Spring 2018

PWRT 7029: Content Management for Professional Writer

Tuesday | 6:00-8:50 pm | McMicken 254

This course is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and leadership qualities associated with managing content assets in an organizational setting. Regardless of where professional writers find themselves working, oddsare that they will not merely be charged with writing but also with supporting and/or managing anetwork of people who develop content for a variety of internal and external types of communication channels. As they are communicators by title, it often falls to them to look after theinformation assets of the organization. Often the professional writer performs a host of other tasksthat relate directly related to the management of content and not necessarily to its creation.


Spring 2018

PWRT 7043: Science and Health Writing

Monday | 4:40-7:30 | Room: TBD

In this course, students will learn a range of writing and communication strategies used in the practice of science and health so that they can write for general audiences about subjects from these areas. Class readings and discussions will focus on audience, style, and conventions, as wellas different genres of science and health writing.Students will also critically examine how popular discourse changes our understanding of the practices of science, medicine, health, and the social consequences of this discourse. Projects may be client focused.

Fall 2017

PWRT 7044: Document Design and Production

Thursday | 5-7:50 pm | Room: TBD

Students will learn to use the digital tools to publish professional documents for multiple purposes and audiences. This course is print focused. Projects include hands on work that result in the creation of flyers, brochures, presentations, and/or mail away marketing materials.   

Spring 2018

PWRT 7040: Rhetoric and Texts

Thursday | 6-8:50 pm | Room: TBD

This course provides an intensive introduction to classical rhetorical theory and its later developments, particularly as a background for contemporary theories of written, visual, and online discourse. An awareness of the multiple rhetorical traditions that formed during this timeprovides a way to understand the diverse, competing rhetorical paradigms that have existed throughout the history of rhetoric, and that continue to inform contemporary rhetorical theories, practices, and pedagogies.

Spring 2018

PWRT 7095: Professional Writing Capstone

Wednesday | 4:40-7:30 pm | Room: 254  

The capstone course is required for students completing the MA in Professional Writing. This course gives students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery and integration of the skills,principles, and knowledge gained from you're theircoursework. It requires the application of that learning to a field project that will be evaluatedby faculty and others. The course is open only to graduate students who are at the end of their coursework.