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Department of Communication

Department of Communication

The Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati promotes knowledge of human communication through research, teaching, and service. We are located in an urban center within a large research university, which provides a dynamic context for connecting theory and practice.

Our award-winning faculty members share a distinctive focus on contemporary social problems. Research centers on understanding issues of voice, identity, public participation, and advocacy/leadership across communication domains including interpersonal, political, organizational, rhetorical, environmental, health, and mediated communication.

Our department promotes excellence in teaching and emphasizes experiential learning and community engagement for students through team-based projects, internships and residencies, service learning and collaboration with community organizations. We offer a nationally-certified public relations program and represent a model community engagement department. Our Master's Degree in Communication provides small cohorts with the focused attention of excellent faculty in preparing for doctoral studies or professional careers.


  • Fairhurst, Gail.  Communication Theory 25th Anniversary Issue, 2014. Ranked as One of Three Most Influential Articles of the Past 25 Years.

  • Haas, Stephen.  Communication Empowering Decision-Making in Sexual Partner Selection to Reduce HIV Transmission. University of Cincinnati Research Council (URC) Interdisciplinary grant proposal, $25,000. Co-Principal Investigator with Michael Lyons, MD, University Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine. One of four out of 40 projects funded campus-wide for 2013-2014 AY.

  • Jackson, Ronald and Sheena Howard’s book Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation won the Comic Con International Will Eisner Comics Industry Award for Best Academic/Scholarly Work, 2014

  • Lynch, John.  Article of the Year Award from the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology (2013). "Prepare to Believe:" The Creation Museum as embodied conversion narrative. Rhetoric &Public Affairs 16:1-27.

  • Zoller, Heather.  Senior Editor for Qualitative Research at Health Communication. 2014 -


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  • Communication Internship Fair: March 2, 2015
  • CommCELEB: April 22, 2015