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Asian Studies

Located amid thousands of acres of thick forest and streams, the UC Center for Field Studies is more than a bucolic classroom – it’s one of the university’s most advanced teaching and research facilities. The renovated farm roughly 20 miles northwest of Uptown Campus blends high-level science with deep-woods know-how through a timeless connection to the great outdoors giving students and faculty an inspiring classroom to conduct their work.

The center was established as part of the UC21 initiative and is designed as a nexus for environmental research and education for the community. Thanks to its partnership with the Hamilton County Park District, UCCFS is centered at the historic South Shaker Farm located at the epicenter of the 4,000-acre Miami Whitewater Forest. Read more about the Center’s origins and settings here.

The Center has six principal objectives that drive the work conducted there. The UCCFS is designed as a regional center for environmental research and education. It reaches out to colleges, universities and other schools, as well as governmental, non-profit and environmental organizations. A tremendous variety of educational programs are possible at UCCFS because of its unique setting and the collaboration of the partners.