Anthropology Theses

Year Name Title Advisor Quarter
2012 Jani Sparks The Movement and Procurement of Raw Lithic Materials in Shawnee Lookout Park Tankersley 12S
2012 Holly Dorning Architectural Expressions of Elite Identity at a Classic Maya Secondary Site, Say Kah, Belize Jackson 12S
2012 Andrew Adkins Tending the Sacred Fire: The Adaptation of Zoroastrianism to North America Jacobson 12W
2011 Nick Hawes Personal Strategies of Normalization in Account Giving for Child Behavioral Issues Jacobson 11S
2011 Karen Ross Attitudes Towards Aging and End of Life Care among Korean-Americans Jacobson 11S
2011 Nicholas Arndt   Scarborough 11W
2011 Angela Haines Determining Prehistoric Site Locations in Southwestern Ohio: A Study in GIS Predictive Modeling Tankersley 11W
2011 Emily Culver Environmental and Human Response at Newark’s Great Circle. Tankersley 11W
2010 Lindsay Argo Exploring Classic Maya Sociopolitical Organization of Middle Level Settlements: A Ceramic Perspective of Say Kah, Belize Jackson 10S
2010 Hayes Banschbach An Analysis of Historic Navajo Land Use in the Upper Basin, Northern Arizona Sullivan 10S
2010 Meredith Coats Architectural Development at a Classic Maya Secondary Center, Say Kah, Belize Jackson 10S
2010 Amanda Huber Religious Organizations as Civic Actors: A Qualitative Study of Congregational Identity and Role in a Cincinnati Neighborhood Jacobson 10S
2010 Matthew Maroon Understanding Medical Choice and Treatment-Seeking Behavior in the Northern Region of Malawi Jacobson 10S