Instructional Innovation Advisory Council

The Instructional Innovation Advisory Council (IIAC) focuses on increasing student learning and preparation for life-long success by developing, collecting and promoting creative and effective approaches to instruction.

The council’s actively engaged faculty serve as an advisory group to the Dean, soliciting ideas and expert advice from their peers, and sharing information about best practices and instructional opportunities with the Dean and the larger faculty.

The Council also advises on support activities for faculty related to innovation in all forms of instruction—including online, hybrid and face-to-face courses—as well as helping to define and promote a key tenet of the College of Arts & Sciences educational approach: experiential learning.


Image of Prof. Zvi Biener in front of a book shelf
Zvi Biener
Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Image of Prof. Brian Calfano in front of a blue and red background
Brian Calfano
Assistant Professor, Political Science, Journalism
Image of Anna Donnel in front of a gray background
Anna Donnell
Assistant Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CET&L)
Image Yu-Chin Fu in front of a gray backdrop
Yu-Chin Fu
Director, A&S Information Technology Services
Image of Amber Gee in front of a cream background
Amber Gee
Educator Associate Professor, Communication
Image of Erinn Leary Green sitting at a desk
Erinn Leary Green
Educator Associate Professor, Psychology
Image of Marla Hall in front of a gray background
Marla Hall
Professor, Psychology
Image of Marla Hall in front of a gray background
Margaret Hanson
Associate Dean for Natural Sciences
Image of Waren Huff in front of green grass
Warren D. Huff
Professor, Geology
Image of Josh Heinrich in front of a white background
Josh Heinrich
Sr. Instructional Designer, Center for Excellence in eLearning
Image of Sean Hughes in a hallway
Sean Hughes
Educator Associate Professor, Journalism
Image of Fenfang Hwu
Fenfang Hwu
Associate Professor, Romance Languages
Image of Vernon L. Jackson with woodwork and a chandelier in the background
Vernon L. Jackson
Business Relationship Manager, UCIT
Image of John Kalubi in front of vertical blinds
John Kalubi
Assistant Professor, African and African Diaspora Literatures
Image of Kay Kinoshita outside with yellow flowers and greenery behind her
Kay Kinoshita
Professor, Physics
Kay Kinoshita
Professor, Physics

"My interest is in broadening faculty use of research-based methods toward better learning for their students. Although the value of active learning is well established, actually achieving improved learning outcomes is not straightforward, and overstretched research faculty are loath to invest additional time for no clear gain. I have worked to accelerate my department's collective experience, wisdom and buy-in through regular informal meetings that mix presentations, sharing of experiences, and robust discussion."

Image of Heidi Kloos in front of a stained glass window
Heidi Kloos
Associate Professor, Psychology
Image of Matt Kraus outside in front of a white picket fence
Matt Kraus
Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies, Undergraduate Adviser Judaic Studies, Director of Hebrew Program
Image of Tina Meagher in front of a cream background
Tina Meagher
Senior Video Strategist, Center for Excellence in eLearning
Image of Jeffery Millar in front of bookshelves
Jeffrey Millar
Educator Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Image of Joanna Mitro in front of a gray backdrop.
Joanna Mitro
Professor, Mathematics
Image of LaSharon Mosley in front of a white background
LaSharon Mosley
Educator Assistant Professor, Biology
Image of Craig Perry outside infront of a brick wall and green trees
Craig Perry
Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies
Imag of Pat Reid in front of a window
Pat Reid
Director of Instructional Innovation, Center for Excellence in eLearning
Image of Valeria Sergueenkova in a room with bookshelves
Valeria Sergueenkova
Assistant Professor, Classics
Image of Bryan Smith in a hallway
Bryan Smith
Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning
Image of Dan Waddell in front of a tan background
Dan Waddell
Educator Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Image of Laura Wilson in black and white standing in front of a bookshelf
Laura Wilson
Educator Assistant Professor, English
Image of Jeff Zalar outside infront of a green background of trees
Jeff Zalar
Assistant Professor, History