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By its very nature, the McMicken College represents diversity in its wide-ranging areas of academic study, faculty and student populations and vast courses. We recognize the importance of fostering an environment that prepares students to understand and address the needs of an increasingly varied and multicultural population, and therefore commit ourselves to creating a community of students, faculty and staff that generates such a large pool of knowledge.

McMicken has facilitated a more diverse community in a number of ways. Over the past five years, the college has increased its international student population and minority enrollment is on the rise as well. The college has helped students seek and creatively explore diverse cultures on campus through these traditional means and through more unique opportunities, such as:

  • Gen-1 Support is available for first-generation students to help them accomplish their goal of obtaining a degree.
  • PR1ZE (Putting Retention 1st in the Zest for Excellence) is an initiative aimed at increasing graduation rates of African-American students
  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) in Chemistry  and Math
  • Our various study abroad programs that span the globe
  • A climate supportive of different minority groups and cultures
  • Required courses and experiences that analyze and promote diversity and culture

The University of Cincinnati offers many other opportunities that are available to the McMicken community in support of diversity, including:

To support our vision, McMicken is striving to create learning environments that embrace diversity in all forms. We believe that a setting in McMicken that celebrates diversity is fundamental to our mission to transcend traditional boundaries and enrich not only our university, but the global community as well.